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Accelerated species inventory on Madagascar using coalescent-based models of species delineation.
High-throughput DNA sequencing has the potential to accelerate species discovery if it is able to recognize evolutionary entities from sequence data that are comparable to species. The general mixedExpand
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Model‐based uncertainty in species range prediction
Aim: Many attempts to predict the potential range of species rely on environmental niche (or 'bioclimate envelope') modelling, yet the effects of using different niche-based methodologies requireExpand
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Taxon‐specific PCR for DNA barcoding arthropod prey in bat faeces
The application of DNA barcoding to dietary studies allows prey taxa to be identified in the absence of morphological evidence and permits a greater resolution of prey identity than is possibleExpand
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Madagascar as a model region of species diversification.
Tropical biotas provide excellent settings in which to explore mechanisms of evolutionary diversification, yet these processes remain poorly understood. Pioneering work on biodiversity patterns andExpand
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A null model for species richness gradients: bounded range overlap of butterflies and other rainforest endemics in Madagascar
Species richness has classically been thought to increase from the poles towards the Equator, and from high elevations down to sea-level. However, the largest radiation of butterflies in Madagascar,Expand
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A Large-Scale, Higher-Level, Molecular Phylogenetic Study of the Insect Order Lepidoptera (Moths and Butterflies)
Background Higher-level relationships within the Lepidoptera, and particularly within the species-rich subclade Ditrysia, are generally not well understood, although recent studies have yieldedExpand
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Towards a mitogenomic phylogeny of Lepidoptera.
The backbone phylogeny of Lepidoptera remains unresolved, despite strenuous recent morphological and molecular efforts. Molecular studies have focused on nuclear protein coding genes, sometimesExpand
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Aligning Conservation Priorities Across Taxa in Madagascar with High-Resolution Planning Tools
Globally, priority areas for biodiversity are relatively well known, yet few detailed plans exist to direct conservation action within them, despite urgent need. Madagascar, like other globallyExpand
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Order Lepidoptera Linnaeus, 1758. In : Zhang, Z.-Q. (Ed.) Animal biodiversity: An outline of higher-level classification and survey of taxonomic richness
van Nieukerken, Erik J.; Kaila, Lauri; Kitching, Ian J.; Kristensen, Niels Peder; Lees, David C.; Minet, Joël; Mitter, Charles; Mutanen, Marko; Regier, Jerome C.; Simonsen, Thomas J.; Wahlberg,Expand
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