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Blood-sucking Flies (Diptera) and Myxomatosis Transmission in a Mountain Environment in New South Wales.
Possible factors influencing the autumn incidence of the disease on the eastern coast and tablelands area of New South Wales are discussed, and further means of exploiting myxomatosis towards the control of rabbits in specific environments are suggested. Expand
Organellar genetic diversity in Penstemonhaydenii (Scrophulariaceae): an endangered plantspecies.
Analysis of genetic variation in the endangered prairie forb Penstemon haydenii suggests that there is some correlation between geographic and genetic distances, which reflects the minimal gene flow in this species. Expand
Biparental inheritance of chloroplast DNA and the existence of heteroplasmic cells in alfalfa
Mapping of chloroplast DNA (ctDNA) restriction fragment patterns from a chlorophyll deficient mutant and two phenotypically normal alfalfa genotypes has demonstrated the existence of a distinct ctDNA genotype from each source, confirming biparental plastid inheritance. Expand
Comparative genomics of Eucalyptus and Corymbia reveals low rates of genome structural rearrangement
These are the first large scale chromosomal rearrangements discovered between eucalypts, and the genomic structure of the two genera was remarkably conserved; adding to a growing body of evidence that conservation of genome structure is common amongst woody angiosperms. Expand