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Inequality and Violent Crime*
We investigate the robustness and causality of the link between income inequality and violent crime across countries. First, we study the correlation between the Gini index and homicide and robberyExpand
Accountability and Corruption: Political Institutions Matter
Using a cross-country panel, Lederman, Loayza, and Soares examine the determinants of corruption, paying particular attention to political institutions that increase political accountability.Expand
What causes violent crime
This study uses panel data of intentional homicide and robbery rates for a sample of developed and developing countries for the period 1970}1994, based on information from the United Nations WorldExpand
Trade Structure and Growth
Lederman and Maloney examine the empirical relationships between trade structure and economic growth, particularly the influence of natural resource abundance, export concentration, andExpand
Export promotion agencies: Do they work?
The number of national export promotion agencies (EPAs) has tripled over the last two decades. While more countries made them part of their export strategy, studies criticized their efficacy inExpand
Exports, Export Destinations, and Skills
This paper explores the links between exports, export destinations and skill utilization by firms. We identify two mechanisms behind these links, which we integrate into a unified theory of exportExpand
R&D and Development
This paper employs a new global panel data set on innovation related variables to examine patterns of R&D investment across the development process. We find that R&D effort measured as a share of GDPExpand
Agriculture and national welfare around the world: causality and international heterogeneity since 1960
Calculations of marginal welfare effects suggest that agricultural development has had important positive effects on national welfare, especially in developing countries. Latin American and CaribbeanExpand
Do Police Reduce Crime ? Estimates Using the Allocation of Police Forces After a Terrorist Attack
An important challenge in the crime literature is to isolate causal effects of police on crime. Following a terrorist attack on the main Jewish center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in July 1994, allExpand
Export Promotion Agencies: What Works and What Doesn't
The number of national export promotion agencies (EPAs) has tripled over the past two decades. While more countries have made them part of their national export strategy, studies have criticizedExpand