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Preparation of Adsorbents from Sewage Sludge by Steam Activation for Industrial Emission Treatment
With an objective of production of carbonaceous sorbent for industrial effluent treatment, physical activation by steam of biological sludge collected from the municipal wastewater treatment plant ofExpand
A glass transition temperature approach for the prediction of the surface stickiness of a drying droplet during spray drying
The development of surface stickiness of droplets of sugar and acid-rich foods during spray drying can be explained using the notion of glass transition temperature (T-g). In this work, criteria forExpand
Comparison Between Static and Dynamic Methods for Sorption Isotherm Measurements
Abstract Sorption isotherms of Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC), pharmaceutical granules, PolyEtherBlocAmide (PEBA) membrane and sewage sludges were measured at various temperatures using threeExpand
Heat and Mass Transfer During Fry-Drying of Sewage Sludge
Deep-frying, which consists of immersing a wet material in a large volume of hot oil, presents a process easily adaptable to dry rather than cook materials. A suitable material for drying is sewageExpand
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Applied to the Design of an Innovative Drying Process for Sewage Sludge
Most adverse environmental impacts result from design decisions made long before manufacturing or usage. In order to prevent this situation, several authors have proposed the application of lifeExpand
ABSTRACT Whereas indirect agitated drying has been extensively studied for granular materials, little is known in the case of pasty products. We describe an experimental set up specially designed forExpand
A Method for Determination of Porosity Change from Shrinkage Curves of Deformable Materials
Among the numerous models developed to predict the shrinkage of materials during drying, the model developed by Katekawa and Silva [1] gives a general relationship between shrinkage and porosity withExpand
Energy valorization of industrial biomass: using a batch frying process for sewage sludge.
This paper studies the energy valorization of sewage sludge using a batch fry-drying process. Drying processes was carried out by emerging the cylindrical samples of the sewage sludge in theExpand
Study of evaporative drying of treated silica gels
Abstract Studies were performed on silica gels synthesized in isopropanol to determine the parameters necessary to follow evaporative drying quantitatively, particularly during the last drying phaseExpand