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Trade and Migration to New Zealand
This paper examines the hypothesis that a greater stock of migrants in New Zealand from a particular country leads to more trade between that country and New Zealand. The literature suggests thatExpand
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The Favourite-Longshot Bias and Market Efficiency in UK Football Betting
It is shown that the individual fixed-odds betting market on UK football exhibits the same favourite-longshot bias as that found in horse-racing. The bias appears both in betting on results (homeExpand
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Insider Trading, Herding Behaviour and Market Plungers in the British Horse-Race Betting Market
Crafts (1985) suggested that a pronounced shortening of bookmaker odds in horse-race betting markets could indicate the presence of insider traders. This paper uses the Shin (1993) measure of theExpand
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Trade, Diaspora and Migration to New Zealand
NZIER has always had a strong interest in understanding the way in which the New Zealand economy interacts with the rest of the world. We have a long history of producing research into tradeExpand
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Global Hegemony and the Structural Power of Capital
dimensions. These distinctions are elaborated to help explain aspects of the changing nature of present-day capitalism, with particular reference to aspects of transformation in the 1980s and beyond.Expand
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The Favourite-Longshot Bias, Bookmaker Margins and Insider Trading in a Variety of Betting Markets
This paper verifies the existence of the favourite-longshot bias in a variety of sports betting markets where odds are set by bookmakers, but the precise pattern of the bias is not identical.Expand
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Is one price enough to value a state-contingent asset correctly? Evidence from a gambling market
The answer to this question, based on a study of 1000 greyhound races, is ‘no’. Although the efficient markets hypothesis asserts that speculative market prices optimally encapsulate all relevantExpand
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New Zealand’s Diaspora and Overseas-born Population
Many New Zealand-born people migrate overseas, creating a diaspora, and many overseas-born people migrate to New Zealand. Both the diaspora and the overseas-born population in New Zealand mayExpand
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The Global Political Economy: Perspectives, Problems, and Policies
What lies ahead for the global political economy? How can policy makers channel economic development to increase the chances for peace and prosperity? From a wide range of theoretical viewpoints,Expand
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Housing Affordability in New Zealand: Evidence from Household Surveys
Housing affordability has been a topic of much interest in New Zealand over recent years with the median house price increasing by over 50% between 2004 and 2008. The aim of this paper is to informExpand
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