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Abstract Avian studies are often interpreted using dual (e.g. 13C, 15N) isotope models, assuming turnover of both isotopes occur at similar rates, but only a few studies have quantified turnoverExpand
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Signaling Individual Identity versus Quality: A Model and Case Studies with Ruffs, Queleas, and House Finches
We develop an evolutionary model that predicts that characters selected to signal individual identity will have properties differing from those expected for indicator signals of quality. TraitsExpand
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A supergene determines highly divergent male reproductive morphs in the ruff
Three strikingly different alternative male mating morphs (aggressive 'independents', semicooperative 'satellites' and female-mimic 'faeders') coexist as a balanced polymorphism in the ruff,Expand
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Trade-offs, condition dependence and stopover site selection by migrating sandpipers
Western sandpipers Calidris mauri on southward migration fly over the Gulf of Alaska to the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia, where they stop for a few days to replenish reserves beforeExpand
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Western sandpipers have altered migration tactics as peregrine falcon populations have recovered
The presence of top predators can affect prey behaviour, morphology and life history, and thereby can produce indirect population consequences greater and further reaching than direct depredationExpand
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Effects of Predation Danger on Migration Strategies of Sandpipers
We examine the potential selective importance of predation danger on the evolution of migration strategies of arctic-breeding calidrid sandpipers. Adult calidrids truncate parental care for reasonsExpand
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Long-Term Decline in Body Size in a Snow Goose Population: Evidence of Environmental Degradation?
(1) The effect of environmental factors on annual body size variation was investigated in a breeding population of lesser snow geese (Anser caerulescens caerulescens L.) La Perouse Bay, Manitoba,Expand
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Body Size Variation in Lesser Snow Geese: Environmental Plasticity in Gosling Growth Rates
We examined the influence of timing of reproduction and brood size on growth rates of goslings of nidifugous Lesser Snow Geese (Anser caerulescens caerulescens) using data collected at La PerouseExpand
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The Snow Geese of La Perouse Bay: Natural Selection in the Wild
Introduction The Lesser Snow Geese of La Perouse Bay Population structure and gene flow Fitness components model of Snow Goose life cycle Pairing, mating, and parental care Annual variation inExpand
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Genetic polymorphism for alternative mating behaviour in lekking male ruff Philomachus pugnax
ALTERNATIVE male mating tactics are widespread among animal taxa1–3, but there are few well documented examples of genetic polymorphisms for them4–6. The dimorphism in male courtship behaviourExpand
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