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Potential for Range Expansion of Mountain Pine Beetle into the Boreal Forest of North America
Abstract The potential for mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae), to expand its historical range in North America from west of the continentalExpand
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Effects of Clear-Cut Harvesting on Boreal Ground-Beetle Assemblages (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Western Canada
We compared pitfall catches from four types of mature lodgepole pine—white spruce forest with those from five age classes of young forest regenerating subsequent to clear-cutting. Ground beetles wereExpand
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Northern forestry and carabids: the case for concern about old-growth species
Spence, J. & Currie, C., Department of Biological Sciences, CW-405A BiologicalSciences Building, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta Canada T6G 2E3Carcamo, H., Department of Biological Sciences,Expand
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Arthropod responses to harvesting and wildfire: Implications for emulation of natural disturbance in forest management
Abstract Although natural disturbance has been widely adopted as a template for forest management that protects biodiversity, this hypothesis has not been adequately tested. We comparedExpand
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Succession of boreal forest spider assemblages following wildfire and harvesting
To test whether spider succession following harvest differed from succession following wildfire, spiders were collected by pitfall trapping and sweep netting over two years in aspen-dominated borealExpand
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Logging and boreal ground-beetle assemblages on two continents: implications for conservation.
We studied the effects of clear-cutting on ground-beetle (Coleoptera. Carabidae) assemblages in Canadian and Finnish boreal forest by comparing pitfall samples from young. regenerating forests withExpand
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Mountain pine beetle‐associated blue‐stain fungi are differentially adapted to boreal temperatures
Summary Mountain pine beetles (MPB) are the most serious pest of lodgepole pine in Canada and are likely to invade boreal jack pine forests. MPB vector three blue-stain fungi, Grosmannia clavigera,Expand
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Virulence of, and interactions among, mountain pine beetle associated blue-stain fungi on two pine species and their hybrids in Alberta
Mountain pine beetle (MPB) is the most serious pest of lodgepole pine in western Canada, and it is predicted to spread into boreal jack pine within the next few years. Colonization of host trees byExpand
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Saproxylic beetles (Coleoptera) using Populus in boreal aspen stands of western Canada: spatiotemporal variation and conservation of assemblages
Saproxylic beetles associated with Populus coarse woody material were sampled from two age classes of fire-origin aspen stands in north-central Alberta, Canada. A combination of rearings from woodExpand
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Saproxylic insect assemblages in Canadian forests: diversity, ecology, and conservation1
Saproxylic insect assemblages inhabiting dead wood in Canadian forests are highly diverse and variable but quite poorly understood. Adequate assessment of these assemblages poses significantExpand
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