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The kinetics of nucleated polymerizations at high concentrations: amyloid fibril formation near and above the "supercritical concentration".
The formation of amyloid and other types of protein fibrils is thought to proceed by a nucleated polymerization mechanism. One of the most important features commonly associated with nucleatedExpand
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Mechanisms of protein fibril formation: nucleated polymerization with competing off-pathway aggregation.
The formation of protein fibrils, and in particular amyloid fibrils, underlies many human diseases. Understanding fibril formation mechanisms is important for understanding disease pathology, butExpand
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Glycosylation of the enhanced aromatic sequon is similarly stabilizing in three distinct reverse turn contexts
Cotranslational N-glycosylation can accelerate protein folding, slow protein unfolding, and increase protein stability, but the molecular basis for these energetic effects is incompletely understood.Expand
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FoldEco: a model for proteostasis in E. coli.
To gain insight into the interplay of processes and species that maintain a correctly folded, functional proteome, we have developed a computational model called FoldEco. FoldEco models the cellularExpand
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The distance spectrum of the path Pn and The First Distance Eigenvector of Connected Graphs
Forumulas are given for all of the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the distance matrix of the path Pn on n vertices. It is shown that Pn has the maximum distance spectral radius among all connectedExpand
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Boundary Value Problems and Partial Differential Equations Ed. 6
Boundary Value Problems is the leading text on boundary value problems and Fourier series for professionals and students in engineering, science, and mathematics who work with partial differential equations. Expand
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A perspective on mechanisms of protein tetramer formation.
Homotetrameric proteins can assemble by several different pathways, but have only been observed to use one, in which two monomers associate to form a homodimer, and then two homodimers associate toExpand
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Enhanced Aromatic Sequons Increase Oligosaccharyltransferase Glycosylation Efficiency and Glycan Homogeneity.
N-Glycosylation plays an important role in protein folding and function. Previous studies demonstrate that a phenylalanine residue introduced at the n-2 position relative to an Asn-Xxx-Thr/SerExpand
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On regularizing descriptor systems by output feedback
In this paper, linear time-invariant descriptor-variable systems are considered which are either nonregular or, if they are regular, they have impulsive modes. It is shown that if a certain necessaryExpand
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The walk partition and colorations of a graph
We study the partitions of a graph G with vertices labeled 1,2,…,n. A matrix notation for partitions is devised which reflects a partial order among partitions and provides a matrix characterizationExpand
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