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A preliminary investigation of the relationship between ovarian steroids, LH, reproductive behaviour and vaginal changes in lesser bushbabies (Galago moholi).
  • D. L. Lipschitz
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of reproduction and fertility
  • 1 July 1996
Urinary hormone profiles, determined by means of radioimmunoassays, were aligned with changes in mating behaviour and vaginal morphology and cytology during the ovarian cycles of adult, female lesserExpand
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Central Blockade of Oxytocin Receptors During Late Gestation Disrupts Systemic Release of Oxytocin During Suckling In Rats
There is evidence that the central oxytocin system is activated and undergoes reorganization before parturition. The present study was designed to determine the effects of central oxytocin receptorExpand
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Effects of Estradiol-17β and Progesterone on Mating Behavior in Female Lesser Bushbabies (Galago moholi) in Captivity
The effects of ovariectomy, estradiol-17beta, and progesterone on female sexuality were investigated in a prosimian primate, the lesser bushbaby (Galago moholi). Each of eight ovariectomized, adultExpand
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Reproductive behavioral changes during the ovarian cycle of lesser bushbabies (Galago moholi) in captivity
Behavioral patterns were quantified in seven heterosexual lesser bushbaby (Galago moholi) pairs during the estrous cycle to determine the relative significance of behavioral and nonbehavioralExpand
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Male copulatory patterns in the lesser bushbaby (Galago moholi) in captivity
I observed seven pairs of sexually mature, captiveGalago moholi during the females’ ovarian cycles to determine the pattern of male copulatory behavior and its relationship to female receptivity. InExpand