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Theory of Earth
The maturing of the Earth sciences has led to a fragmentation into subdisciplines which speak imperfectly to one another. Some of these subdisciplines are field geology, petrology, mineralogy,
New Theory of the Earth
New Theory of the Earth is an interdisciplinary advanced textbook on all aspects of the interior of the Earth and its origin, composition, and evolution: geophysics, geochemistry, dynamics,
Hotspots, polar wander, Mesozoic convection and the geoid
The geoid bears little relation to present tectonic features of the Earth other than trenches and hotspots. The Mesozoic supercontinent of Pangea, however, apparently occupied a central position in
Velocity dispersion due to anelasticity; implications for seismology and mantle composition
The concept of a relaxation spectrum is used to compute the absorption and dispersion of a linear anelastic solid. The Boltzmann after-effect equation is solved for a solid having a linear
Equations of State of Solids for Geophysics and Ceramic Science [Book Review]
Solid-state physics used to be a branch of physics, and it is replete with theories bearing the names of Hermann von Helmholtz, Eduard Gruneisen, Peter De bye, Gustav Mie, Max Born, Johannes van der
Elastic wave propagation in layered anisotropic media
This is an analysis of the dispersive properties of transversely isotropic media. This kind of anisotropy is exhibited by hexagonal crystals, sediments, planar igneous bodies, ice sheets, and rolled
The frequency dependence of Q in the Earth and implications for mantle rheology and Chandler wobble
For most solids the ‘high temperature background’ attenuation dominates at low frequencies and temperatures greater than about one-half the melting temperature. It is likely to be important in the
Lithosphere, asthenosphere, and perisphere
“Lithosphere” is a mechanical concept implying strength and relative permanence. Unfortunately, the term has also been applied to the surface thermal boundary layer (TBL) and a shallow enriched