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On the Holy Spirit
This classic exposition of Trinitarian doctrine eloquently sets forth the distinction yet perpetual communion of the divine Persons. Without explicitly calling the Spirit "God, " St BasilExpand
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What is the model-theoretic argument?
Sur la controverse de l'interpretation de model-theoretic argument qui persiste aujourd'hui encore, dix sept ans apres l'introduction de ce concept par H.Putnam.
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The New Zealand performance-based research fund and its impact on publication activity in economics
New Zealand's academic research assessment scheme, the Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF), was launched in 2002 with the stated objective of increasing average research quality in the nation'sExpand
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Which Journal Rankings Best Explain Academic Salaries? Evidence from the University of California
The ranking of an academic journal is important to authors, universities, journal publishers and research funders. Rankings are gaining prominence as countries adopt regular research assessmentExpand
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Evaluating research – peer review team assessment and journal based bibliographic measures: New Zealand PBRF research output scores in 2006
This paper concerns the relationship between the assessment of the research of individual academics by peer or expert review teams with a variety of bibliometric schemes based on journal qualityExpand
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Citations as a measure of the research outputs of New Zealand's economics departments: The problem of 'long and variable lags'
The paper explores the merits of utilising citation counts to measure research output in economics in the context of a nationwide research evaluation scheme: the New Zealand Performance-BasedExpand
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Continental crust formation at arcs, the arclogite “delamination” cycle, and one origin for fertile melting anomalies in the mantle
The total magmatic output in modern arcs, where continental crust is now being formed, is believed to derive from melting of the mantle wedge and is largely basaltic. Globally averaged continentalExpand
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Lorentz and CPT violation in the Higgs sector
Colladay and Kostelecky have proposed a framework for studying Lorentz and CPT violation in a natural extension of the Standard Model. Although numerous bounds exist on the Lorentz and CPT violatingExpand
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Research Output in New Zealand Economics Department 2000-2006
This paper considers the research productivity of New Zealand based economics departments over the period 2000 to 2006. It examines journal based research output across departments and individualsExpand
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Anomalous temperature and salinity variations in the tropical Atlantic: Possible causes and implications for the use of altimeter data
Near real time subsurface observations at a PIRATA mooring in the western equatorial Atlantic show a temperature and salinity drop in boreal spring 1999 which is consistent with a 60 m upward shiftExpand
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