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Circulating siderocytes in human subjects.
The number of circulating erythrocytes containing reticulum and no siderotic granules (R cells), both reticulum and siderotic granules (R-S cells), and siderotic granules and no reticulum (S cells)Expand
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An investigation of the Greenback Flounder, Rhombosolea tapirina Gunther
Apart from the work of Thomson and Anderton (1921), Finlay (1928), and Rapson (1940), little is known of the biology of southern hemisphere Heterosomata. As it is usual for fishery investigations toExpand
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Leukokinetic Studies V. Uptake of Tritiated Diisopropylfluorophosphate by Leukocytes.∗
Conclusions Uptake of tritiated diisopropylfluorophosphate (H3-DFP) by various morphologic types of leukocytes after labeling in vitro and in vivo has been studied. When leukocytes from normalExpand
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Experimental production of nutritional macrocytic anemia in swine. V. Hematologic manifestations of a combined deficiency of vitamin B12 and pteroylglutamic acid.
A total of 20 swine were fed a diet adequate in all known respects except that soybean protein was substituted for casein, succinylsulfathiazole and a folic acid antagonist were added, and vitaminExpand
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Circulating reticulocytes in normal adults as determined y the new methylene blue method.
  • A. Deiss, D. Kurth
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • American journal of clinical pathology
  • 1 April 1970
Reticulocyte counts of 48 normal men and 30 normal women were determined by the new methylene-blue method. The mean value for men was 1.65% (95% limits = 0.8 to 2.5%); for women, 2.45% (95% limits =Expand
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Experimental production of siderocytes.
Erythrocytes containing one or more granules that give a positive Prussian blue reaction for iron were apparently recognized by workers in the nineteenth century (1) but not until 1941 was the termExpand
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Hematologic Response of Pyridoxine Deficient Swine to Pyridoxine.∗
Summary The anemia of pyridoxine-deficient swine fed a purified diet with 10 crystalline water soluble vitamins responded rapidly and completely to administration of pyridoxine. The mean volume ofExpand
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Computer modeling of five-spot well pattern fluid flow during in situ uranium leaching
This Bureau of Mines report describes the development and application of a computer model of aquifer hydrology associated with in situ leaching of uranium. The model provides uranium resourceExpand
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New bothid fish from eastern Tasmania
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Fragmentation Analysis - Fundamental Processes
Abstract : To investigate the effect of energy on rock fragmentation, initial testing was carried out using a drop test device. A total of 180 specimens of Wausau quartzite and anorthosite of 3.0 toExpand