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A survey on resource allocation techniques in cloud computing
In this paper a detailed study is done on various cloud resource allocation strategies. Expand
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Neuromorphic approach to tactile edge orientation estimation using spatiotemporal similarity
We present a neuromorphic approach to artificial tactile sensing that mimics the spike-based spatiotemporal tactile response of Fast Adapting type I (FA-I) mechanoreceptors while a piezoresistive tactile sensor array attached to robotic arm palpates. Expand
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P300 Detection for Brain Computer Interface
P300 based brain computer interface (BCI) sometimes called brain machine interface (BMI) is a way of direct communication between human brain and external device which provides an alternative communication link with outside world to the people who are unable to communicate via conventional means because of sever motor disability. Expand
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Design of a physiologically informed virtual reality based interactive platform for individuals with upper limb impairment
A large number of stroke-surviving individuals exhibit deficits related to upper limb movement, thereby making post stroke rehabilitation a critical part of patients' health care system. Expand
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Reducing Sensor Density Requirements For Kinematic Controllers In A Full Posture Yoga Gaming Application
Integration of whole body movements with virtual reality environments and computer games has many benefits for exercise training and rehabilitation. Such applications can serve as a virtual personalExpand
Protecting software programmes vis-à-vis patentability of software
  • H. Kumar, D. Kumar
  • Business, Computer Science
  • Comput. Law Secur. Rev.
  • 1 September 2011
A patent is an official document that confers proprietorship of an invention on the recipient. Expand
IFESS 2016 – La Grande Motte, France
Neurological disorders often manifest themselves in the form of movement deficit on the part of the patient. Conventional rehabilitation often used to address these deficits, though powerful areExpand
New Results - Synthesis and Control of Human Functions
An Indigenously Developed Cost-Effective Wireless Sensor for Post-Stroke Gait Rehabilitation
by K. Madhu, Deepesh Kumar, Vaittianadane Kesavan, Abhijit Das, Vineet Vashista and Uttama Lahiri
Fair allocation of multi-resources for multi-class users in cloud computing
We have introduced a fairness function to solve the problem of multi-resource allocation (both physical and cloud) for multi-class users. Expand
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