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On structural, optical and dielectric properties of zinc aluminate nanoparticles
Zinc aluminate nanoparticles with average particle size of 40 nm were synthesized using a sol–gel combustion method. X-ray diffractometry result was analysed by Rietveld refinement method toExpand
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FITC Labeled Silica Nanoparticles as Efficient Cell Tags: Uptake and Photostability Study in Endothelial Cells
The use of fluorescent nanomaterials has gained great importance in the field of medical imaging. Many traditional imaging technologies have been reported utilizing dyes in the past. These methodsExpand
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Microwave induced facile synthesis and characterization of ZnO nanoparticles as efficient antibacterial agents
Abstract Microwave assisted synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles was performed at varying pH of the synthesis medium. At pH 8 and 10, uniform and crystalline ZnO nanoparticles were formed whereas at pH 6,Expand
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Probing on Growth and Characterizations of SnFe2O4 Epitaxial Thin Films on MgAl2O4 Substrate
Epitaxial tin ferrite (SnFe2O4) thin films were grown using KrF excimer (248 nm) pulsed laser deposition technique under different growth conditions. Highly epitaxial thin films were obtained atExpand
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Improving photovoltaic efficiency of Cu2BaSn (S, Se)4/CdS solar cells using SCAPS
Cu2BaSn(S, Se)4 (CBTSSe) absorber based thin film solar cells (TFSC) have been analyzed using 1D-SCAPS (Solar cell capacitance simulator) program. In this article, the efficiency of the TFSC isExpand
Effect Of Electron Affinity On CIGS Based Solar Cells
Cu(In,Ga)S2 (CIGS) is a widely used absorber material in the thin film photovoltaic (PV) deices. In the present work, SCAPS (solar cell capacitance simulator),simulatoris used to model CIGS absorberExpand
Recent Studies on the Fabrication of Magnesium Based Metal Matrix Nano-Composites by Using Ultrasonic Stir Casting Technique - A Review
This paper presents the recent studies on the fabrication of magnesium based metal matrix nanocomposites (MMMC) by using ultrasonic assisted stir casting technique. The pure metal and alloys, due toExpand