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Analysis of leachate pollution index and formulation of sub-leachate pollution indices
  • D. Kumar, B. J. Alappat
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • Waste management & research : the journal of the…
  • 1 June 2005
An index known as leachate pollution index (LPI) for quantifying the leachate contamination potential of municipal landfills had been developed and reported by the authors. It is a quantitative toolExpand
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Estimation of the source parameters of the Himalaya earthquake of October 19, 1991, average effective shear wave attenuation parameter and local site effects from accelerograms
Abstract A simple and rapid methodology based on band-limited strong motion data to obtain estimates of double couple fault plane solution, average effective shear wave attenuation parameter (Qseff)Expand
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Attenuation of High-Frequency Seismic Waves in Kachchh Region, Gujarat, India
Abstract The attenuation properties of the crust in the Kachchh region, Gujarat, India, have been investigated. For this purpose, 49 local earthquakes having focal depths in the 3–38 km range haveExpand
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Attenuation of P, S, and coda waves in Koyna region, India
The attenuation properties of the crust in the Koyna region of the Indian shield have been investigated using 164 seismograms from 37 local earthquakes that occurred in the region. The extended codaExpand
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Chronic sodium nitrite therapy augments ischemia-induced angiogenesis and arteriogenesis
Chronic tissue ischemia due to defective vascular perfusion is a hallmark feature of peripheral artery disease for which minimal therapeutic options exist. We have reported that sodium nitriteExpand
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Attenuation of High Frequency P and S Waves in the Gujarat Region, India
The local earthquake waveforms recorded on broadband seismograph network of Institute of Seismological Research in Gujarat, India have been analyzed to understand the attenuation of high frequencyExpand
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Attenuation character of seismic waves in Sikkim Himalaya
SUMMARY In this study, we investigate the seismic wave attenuation beneath Sikkim Himalaya using P, S and coda waves from 68 local earthquakes registered by eight broad-band stations of the SIKKIMExpand
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Isolation and characterization of degradation impurities in docetaxel drug substance and its formulation.
The degradation of docetaxel drug substance and its injection formulation has been investigated. The majority of impurities were observed in a base degradation study and all five degradation productsExpand
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Effects of salinity and drought on growth, ionic relations, compatible solutes and activation of antioxidant systems in oleander (Nerium oleander L.)
Nerium oleander is an ornamental species of high aesthetic value, grown in arid and semi-arid regions because of its drought tolerance, which is also considered as relatively resistant to salt; yetExpand
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