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P − V criticality of charged AdS black holes
A bstractTreating the cosmological constant as a thermodynamic pressure and its conjugate quantity as a thermodynamic volume, we reconsider the critical behaviour of charged AdS black holes. WeExpand
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Black hole enthalpy and an entropy inequality for the thermodynamic volume
In a theory where the cosmological constant $\Lambda$ or the gauge coupling constant $g$ arises as the vacuum expectation value, its variation should be included in the first law of thermodynamicsExpand
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Extended phase space thermodynamics for charged and rotating black holes and Born-Infeld vacuum polarization
A bstractWe investigate the critical behaviour of charged and rotating AdS black holes in d spacetime dimensions, including effects from non-linear electrodynamics via the Born-Infeld action, in anExpand
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Thermodynamic Volumes and Isoperimetric Inequalities for de Sitter Black Holes
We consider the thermodynamics of rotating and charged asymptotically de Sitter black holes. Using Hamiltonian perturbation theory techniques, we derive three different first law relations includingExpand
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Black hole chemistry: thermodynamics with Lambda
We review recent developments on the thermodynamics of black holes in extended phase space, where the cosmological constant is interpreted as thermodynamic pressure and treated as a thermodynamicExpand
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On taking the D → 4 limit of Gauss-Bonnet gravity: theory and solutions
We comment on the recently introduced Gauss-Bonnet gravity in four dimensions. We argue that it does not make sense to consider this theory to be defined by a set of D → 4 solutions of theExpand
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Thermodynamics of Rotating Black Holes and Black Rings: Phase Transitions and Thermodynamic Volume
Department of Physics, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan 84156-83111, Iran* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed; E-Mail: rbmann@sciborg.uwaterloo.ca;Tel.:Expand
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Separability of Hamilton-Jacobi and Klein-Gordon equations in general Kerr-NUT-AdS spacetimes
We demonstrate the separability of the Hamilton-Jacobi and scalar field equations in general higher dimensional Kerr-NUT-AdS spacetimes. No restriction on the parameters characterizing these metricsExpand
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Ultraspinning limits and super-entropic black holes
A bstractBy employing the new ultraspinning limit we construct novel classes of black holes with non-compact event horizons and finite horizon area and study their thermo-dynamics. Our ultraspinningExpand
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Horizon thermodynamics from Einstein's equation of state
Abstract By regarding the Einstein equations as equation(s) of state, we demonstrate that a full cohomogeneity horizon first law can be derived in horizon thermodynamics. In this approach both theExpand
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