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Atlas of Quartz Sand Surface Textures
This book was first published in 1973. Its authors, David Krinsley and John Doornkamp, have here compiled a comprehensive catalogue of the many presences and absences found within the characteristicsExpand
Environmental Interpretation of Sand Grain Surface Textures by Electron Microscopy
More than 4000 quartz sand grain surfaces have been examined by electron micro scopy, and it has been established that specific differences exist depending on the environment of transportation andExpand
Mjølnir structure: An impact crater in the Barents Sea
A systematic search for impact indicators was conducted on a core of Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous sedimentary strata from the vicinity of the proposed Mjolnir impact structure, Barents Sea. A 0.8Expand
Provenance interpretation of quartz by scanning electron microscope–cathodoluminescence fabric analysis
We used a cathodoluminescence (CL) detector attached to a scanning electron microscope (SEM) to study patterns of variable-intensity CL in quartz grains from a variety of igneous, metamorphic,Expand
Diagenetic origin of quartz silt in mudstones and implications for silica cycling
If many other mudstone successions show similarly high proportions of in situ precipitated—rather than detrital—quartz silt, the sedimentary record in mudstones may have been misinterpreted in the past, with consequences for the estimates of palaeoproductivity as well as the perceptions of the dynamics and magnitude of global biogeochemical cycling of silica. Expand
Application of cathodoluminescence imaging to the study of sedimentary rocks
Preface Acknowledgements 1. Introduction Part I. Principles and Instrumentation: 2. Cathodoluminescence and its causes 3. Instrumentation and techniques Part II. Applications: 4. ProvenanceExpand
Models of rock varnish formation constrained by high resolution transmission electron microscopy
Nanometre-scale transmission electron microscope imagery of manganiferous rock varnishes from Death Valley, California, Peru, Antarctica, and Hawaii confirms prior infrared mineralogy studies. TheExpand
A scanning electron microscope study of surface textures of quartz grains from glacial environments
Surface textures of quartz sand grains from several glacial environments at the Feegletscher, Switzerland examined by means of scanning electron microscopy are described. The difference betweenExpand