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Evidence of correlations between nuclear decay rates and Earth–Sun distance
Abstract Unexplained periodic fluctuations in the decay rates of 32 Si and 226 Ra have been reported by groups at Brookhaven National Laboratory ( 32 Si), and at theExpand
Time-Dependent Nuclear Decay Parameters: New Evidence for New Forces?
This paper presents an overview of recent research dealing with the question of whether nuclear decay rates (or half-lives) are time-independent constants of nature, as opposed to being parametersExpand
Constraining New Forces in the Casimir Regime Using the Isoelectronic Technique
We report the first isoelectronic differential force measurements between an Au-coated probe and two Au-coated films, made out of Au and Ge. These measurements, performed at submicron separationsExpand
Experimental investigation of the Casimir force beyond the proximity-force approximation.
The analysis of all Casimir force experiments using a sphere-plate geometry requires the use of the proximity-force approximation (PFA) to relate the Casimir force between a sphere and a flat plateExpand
Searching for Extra Dimensions and New String-Inspired Forces in the Casimir Regime
The appearance of new fundamental forces and extra-dimensional modifications to gravity in extensions of the Standard Model has motivated considerable interest in testing Newtonian gravity at shortExpand
Tests of new physics from precise measurements of the Casimir pressure between two gold-coated plates
A micromechanical torsion oscillator has been used to strengthen the limits on new Yukawa forces by determining the Casimir pressure between two gold-coated plates. By significantly reducing theExpand
Precise comparison of theory and new experiment for the Casimir force leads to stronger constraints on thermal quantum effects and long-range interactions
Abstract We report an improved dynamic determination of the Casimir pressure Pexpt between two plane plates obtained using a micromachined torsional oscillator. The main improvements in the currentExpand
Measurement of the Casimir force between dissimilar metals.
The first precise measurement of the Casimir force between dissimilar metals is reported. The attractive force, between a Cu layer evaporated on a microelectromechanical torsional oscillator and anExpand
Constraining the couplings of massive pseudoscalars using gravity and optical experiments
Department of Physics, University of California, Irvine, California 92697, USA~Received 24 June 2003; published 30 September 2003!The simultaneous exchange of two pseudoscalars between fermions leadsExpand
Novel constraints on light elementary particles and extra-dimensional physics from the Casimir effect
We present supplementary information on the recent indirect measurement of the Casimir pressure between two parallel plates using a micromachined oscillator. The equivalent pressure between theExpand