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Rebuttal to review comments on “Revisiting global hydrological cycle: Is it intensifying?”
It is in the precise proportion that a law once obtained endures this extreme severity of trial, that its value and importance are to be estimated; and our next step in the verification of anExpand
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Aesthetical Issues of Leonardo Da Vinci’s and Pablo Picasso’s Paintings with Stochastic Evaluation
A physical process is characterized as complex when it is difficult to analyze or explain in a simple way. The complexity within an art painting is expected to be high, possibly comparable to that ofExpand
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Joint Editorial: Invigorating Hydrological Research through Journal Publications
Editors of several journals in the field of hydrology met during the General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) in Vienna in April 2017. This event was a follow-up of similar meetingsExpand
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Projecting the future of rainfall extremes: Better classic than trendy
Abstract Non-stationarity approaches have been increasingly popular in hydrology, reflecting scientific concerns regarding intensification of the water cycle due to global warming. A considerableExpand
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Hydrologic Data Management UsingRDBMS With Differential-linear DataStorage
Differential-Linear Data Storage (DLDS) technique establishes a standardised representation of hydrologic time-series in a relational database environment. Expand
The Encyclopedia of Water Hydrological Persistence and the Hurst Phenomenon (SW-434)
Unlike common random series like those observed for example in games of chance, hydrological (and other geophysical) time series have some structure, that is, consecutive values of hydrological timeExpand
Climate is changing, everything is flowing, stationarity is immortal
representation Model (Stochastic process) Ensemble (Gibbs’s idea): mental copies of natural system Time series (simulated) Real world
Statistical properties and Hurst-Kolmogorov dynamics in climatic proxy data and temperature reconstructions
The statistical properties of over 300 different proxy records of the last two thousand years derived from the PAGES 2k database years are stochastically analysed. Analyses include estimation ofExpand