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Coping with Continuous Change in the Business Environment: Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management Technology
Part 1 A perspective of knowledge and knowledge management concepts: Introduction Knowledge perspectives and concepts Knowledge management perspectives and concepts Intellectual capital
AddIntent: A New Incremental Algorithm for Constructing Concept Lattices
An incremental concept lattice construction algorithm, called AddIntent, is proposed that outperformed a selection of other published algorithms for most types of contexts and was close to the most efficient algorithm in other cases.
The Correctness-by-Construction Approach to Programming
The principal purpose of this book is to change the way software developers approach their task at programming-in-the-small level, with a view to improving code quality.
Towards Concise Representation for Taxonomies of Epistemic Communities
This work presents an application of formal concept analysis aimed at representing a meaningful structure of knowledge communities in the form of a lattice-based taxonomy and considers two approaches to building a concise representation that respects the underlying structural relationships, while hiding uninteresting and/or superfluous information.
On Succinct Representation of Knowledge Community Taxonomies with Formal Concept Analysis
This work considers two approaches to building a concise representation, respecting the underlying structural relationships while hiding superfluous information: a pruning strategy based on the notion of concept stability and a representational improvement based on nested line diagrams and "zooming".
Challenges for quality in volunteered geographical information
The University of Pretoria in South Africa and the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Poland have a joint research project under the SA/Poland Cooperation Agreement on
Software engineering team diversity and performance
An investigation into the role of personality diversity within teams of tertiary students taking a course in software engineering confirms that both personality diversity in teams as well as competence of teams impacts positively on team performance.
Towards proving preservation of behaviour of refactoring of UML models
A refactoring of the design of a particular application using UML, more specifically the structure using class diagrams, and the behaviour of each class using statecharts is described, showing the refactored class and statechart diagrams.
Standards and agile software development
On the basis of this analysis, guidelines are proposed for developing software in such a way that the development process conforms to the standards required by the software acquirer, while still retaining its agile characteristics.