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New crickets [Orthoptera: Gryllidae] from Indo-Malayan region
D e s c r i p t i o n. Shape o f body and co loration sim ilar to those o f o ther genera o f sub­ fam ily. V enation o f m ale tegm ina m ore sim ilar to tha t o f Tramlapiola GOROCHOV, 1990, thenExpand
The Tetrigidae [Orthoptera] found in North Korea
The male of Formosatettix slivae Kostia is described and a key to genera and species o f Tetrigidae found in North Korea are given. Expand
Cytological and morphological differences between two species of the genus Tettigonia (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae) from Korea.
In both species, euchromatic zones and breaks of one or to chromatids during meiosis and mitosis in the X chromosome were observed and B chromosomes were noted in most individuals of both species. Expand
Kinetic determination of rutin
A kinetic method is described for the determination of rutin based on its inhibitory effect on the Fe(II)-AA catalysis of the oxidation of C6H5COONa with hydrogen peroxide. Detection limit of thisExpand
A new genus and two new species of Gryllidae [Orthoptera] from Tanzania
D i a g n o s i s : similar to E uscyrtus G uE R .-M ann . (for characteristics of this genus see GOROCHOV, 1987) in small size and rather short head. It differs from E uscyrtus and other genera ofExpand