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Single Wholesale Network for 5G: Quantitative Assessment of Market Impact
This article is devoted to quantitative analysis of the costs and benefits of 5G network infrastructure creation using two alternative forms, namely a single wholesale network or competing mobileExpand
Competition Policy in Export-oriented Markets: Whether Remedies Are Really Effective?
In contrast to competition authorities in developed countries, Russian competition authority often applies price cap on domestic wholesale price for large exporting companies. Competition authorityExpand
Broadband measuring system for unsteady flow investigation in wind tunnel
Due to increasingly tough requirements to the accuracy and informativity of the wind tunnel experiments, the urgency has grown of the unsteady flows research. A distinctive feature of such studies isExpand
Does Competition Enforcement Prevent Competitive Strategies of Digital Platforms: Evidence from BRICS
Competitive strategies of platforms often involve contractual arrangements that might be considered as anticompetitive. Since recent decisions of European Commission after investigations againstExpand
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Enforcement Against Excessive Pricing in the Russian Federation
Enforcement outcomes against excessive pricing in Russia are controversial. Since many infringement decisions do not sustain judicial review, there is a recent shift from ex post intervention to exExpand
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Distorting effects of competition authority’s performance measurement: the case of Russia
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explain the impact of the incentives of competition authorities concerning antitrust enforcement on the structure of enforcement and understanding of theExpand
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Why enforcement against excessive pricing in the Russian Federation is not sufficiently successful
In developed competition jurisdictions, excessive pricing is more a subject of academic and expert discussions than an actively used instrument of competition enforcement. Russian competitionExpand