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Differential responses to cannabis potency: a typology of users based on self-reported consumption behaviour.
AIMS To determine whether a classification of cannabis users into different types can help to clarify the relationship between cannabis potency and consumption behaviour, harmful physical effects andExpand
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Mental health differences between frequent cannabis users with and without dependence and the general population.
AIMS To compare the prevalence of mental disorders between frequent cannabis users with and without dependence and the general population. DESIGN Cross-sectional comparison of interview data. Expand
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Dutch coffee shops and trends in cannabis use.
  • D. Korf
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Addictive behaviors
  • 1 November 2002
Conflicting predictions have been made to the influence of decriminalization on cannabis use. Prohibitionists forecast that decriminalization will lead to an increase in consumption of cannabis,Expand
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Antenne 2007: trends in alcohol, tabak en drugs bij jonge Amsterdammers
Sinds 1993 beschrijft Antenne op basis van zowel kwalitatieve als kwantitatieve gegevens trends en middelengebruik bij jongeren en jongvolwassenen in Amsterdam. Beschrijving In het onderzoek zijnExpand
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How much for a dime bag? An exploration of youth drug markets.
Relatively little is known about how youth obtain marijuana and other drugs. The Drugs, Alcohol and Violence International (DAVI) study explored youthful drug markets among samples of schoolExpand
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Validation of self-reported cannabis dose and potency: an ecological study.
AIMS To assess the reliability and validity of self-reported cannabis dose and potency measures. DESIGN Cross-sectional study comparing self-reports with objective measures of amount of cannabisExpand
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Dutch treat: formal control and illicit drug use in the Netherlands.
Dutch drug policy is the object of both admiration and revilement. This book traces the rise of 'coffeeshop' phenomenon in the Netherlands and explains why the retail sale of cannabis, thoughExpand
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Exploring the Attractiveness of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) among Experienced Drug Users
Abstract A growing number of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) appear yearly on the European market (81 for the first time in 2013, adding to a total of over 350 NPS). Using semi-structuredExpand
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Antenna: a multi-method approach to assessing new drug trends
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Temporal and Social Contexts of Heroin‐Using Populations An Illustration of the Snowball Sampling Technique
Snowball sampling is a method that has been used in the social sciences to study sensitive topics, rare traits, personal networks, and social relationships. The method involves the selection ofExpand
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