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Chemotaxonomic Studies in Cnidoscolus (Euphorbiaceae). II. Flavonoids of C. aconitifolius, C. souzae, and C. spinosus
The flavonoid data support the inclusion in C. aconitifolius of C. polyanthus and C. spinosus and suggest that these two taxa originated in the Yucatan region of Mexico.
Accurate documentation of Germplasm: The lost guatemalan teosintes (Zea, Gramineae)
The great need for adequate documentation of germplasm collections, including accurate geographic location, needs again to be stressed. We discuss 3 reported stations for teosinte (Zea spp.,
Toward Target 2 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation: An Expert Analysis of the Puerto Rican Flora to Validate New Streamlined Methods for Assessing Conservation Status1
Two systems that efficiently use available data to assess conservation status were tested against a provisional International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) Red List analysis to evaluate the native seed plant species of Puerto Rico and it was demonstrated that both systems efficiently identify species at risk.
Nickel hyperaccumulation in populations of Psychotria grandis (Rubiaceae) from serpentine and non-serpentine soils of Puerto Rico
Variation in Ni accumulation between and within populations in the field is likely to result from variation in Ni availability in the soil, as well as significant differences in Ni concentration among trees within sites.
Chemotaxonomic Studies in Cnidoscolus (Euphorbiaceae). I. Flavonol Glycosides of the C. tubulosus Complex
The purpose of this paper is to report on the flavonol glycosides of the Cnidoscolus tubulosus complex and to discuss the taxonomic and ecological significance of the Flavonoid data.
Target 2 of the 2020 Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) calls for a comprehensive list of the world’s threatened plant species. The lack of such a list is one of the greatest impediments
Architectural analysis of Buxus vahlii Baill. (Buxaceae) in two different environments in Puerto Rico
Castellanos C., Kolterman D. A. & Vester H. F. M. 2011. — Architectural analysis of Buxus vahlii Baill. (Buxaceae) in two different environments in Puerto Rico. Adansonia, sér. 3, 33 (1): 71–80.
Effects of exogenous bioregulators on fruit and essential oil yield of organic Persian lime ( Citrus latifolia Tanaka )
Limes are grown mainly for the fruit juice and valuable essential oils synthesized in the fruit flavedo. As with many agricultural products, markets for organic citrus juice and essential oils are on