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The Art of Computer Programming
The arrangement of this invention provides a strong vibration free hold-down mechanism while avoiding a large pressure drop to the flow of coolant fluid.
Fast Pattern Matching in Strings
An algorithm is presented which finds all occurrences of one given string within another, in running time proportional to the sum of the lengths of the strings, showing that the set of concatenations of even palindromes, i.e., the language $\{\alpha \alpha ^R\}^*$, can be recognized in linear time.
On the LambertW function
A new discussion of the complex branches of W, an asymptotic expansion valid for all branches, an efficient numerical procedure for evaluating the function to arbitrary precision, and a method for the symbolic integration of expressions containing W are presented.
Concrete mathematics - a foundation for computer science
From the Publisher: This book introduces the mathematics that supports advanced computer programming and the analysis of algorithms. The primary aim of its well-known authors is to provide a solid
The art of computer programming: sorting and searching (volume 3)
Apparatus for supporting different nets for various sporting purposes including interengaging tubular rods which are arranged to interconnect and have ground engaging portions suitable to be useful
Simple Word Problems in Universal Algebras
An algorithm is described which is capable of solving certain word problems: i.e. of deciding whether or not two words composed of variables and operators can be proved equal as a consequence of a
The Stanford GraphBase - a platform for combinatorial computing
  • D. Knuth
  • Computer Science
  • 30 November 1993
Part 1: overview - Words, Roget, Books, Econ, Games, Miles, Plane, Lisa, Raman, Gates, Rand, Basic, Save technicalities, and how to obtain the files and use the graphbase and makefile details.