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Corporate Strategy, Organizations, and Subjectivity: A Critique
This paper attempts to develop a new approach to the study of corporate strategy. It draws on the methodology of Michel Foucault to suggest that corporate strategy can be seen as a discourse whichExpand
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It’s a Bittersweet Symphony, this Life: Fragile Academic Selves and Insecure Identities at Work
This article demonstrates the importance of studying insecurity in relation to identities at work. Drawing upon empirical research with business school academics in the context of the proliferationExpand
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Power and Subjectivity at Work: From Degradation to Subjugation in Social Relations
The paper presents a critical exploration of the treatment of subjectivity and power in sociology through an examination of recent developments in labour process theory. This is introduced through aExpand
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This article is concerned to demonstrate that paternalism and strategic management as forms, styles or ‘techniques’of managing people and organizations, are both constitutive of and embedded in whatExpand
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Reflecting on a Critical Pedagogy in MBA Education
This article aims to make a limited contribution to critical pedagogy by focusing on an empirically based evaluation of the difficulties surrounding its potential realization. It discusses theExpand
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Leadership, Ethics and Responsibility to the Other
Of recent time, there has been a proliferation of concerns with ethical leadership within corporate business not least because of the numerous scandals at Enron, Worldcom, Parmalat, and two majorExpand
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Sex Discrimination in UK Academia
This article examines the gendered nature of employment in UK universities, showing women's experience of discrimination through differences in contract status and in access to academic hierarchies.Expand
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Challenging Dualism: Public Professionalism in ‘Troubled’Times
In recent decades neo-liberal reform has significantly impacted on public sector professionals. Sociological interest in such impact has tended to focus on professionals as subjects of such reform:Expand
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Bewitched, bothered and bewildered: The meaning and experience of teamworking for employees in an automobile company
Recent managerial discourses share similar assumptions about organizations and the means to their greater efficiency. One of these is a faith in teamworking as a method of ensuring that humanExpand
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Managers Divided: Organisation Politics and Information Technology Management
From the Publisher: Identifies and analyzes the social, political and problematic nature of systems and the use of IT in contemporary society. Considers the growing complexity of IT managementExpand
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