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Novel Benzotropolone and 2H-Furo[3,2-b]benzopyran-2-one Pigments fromTricholoma aurantium (Agaricales)
The bright orange-red color of the toadstool Tricholoma aurantium is due to the benzotropolone pigment aurantricholone (1). The compound is at least partially present as the calcium salt. Minor
The mniopetals, new inhibitors of reverse transcriptases from a Mniopetalum species (Basidiomycetes). I. Producing organism, fermentation, isolation and biological activities.
Six novel enzyme inhibitors of RNA-directed DNA-polymerases of human immunodeficiency-, avian myeloblastosis and murine leukemia viruses were isolated from fermentations of a canadian Mniopetalum species and exhibit antimicrobial and cytotoxic properties.
The mniopetals, new inhibitors of reverse transcriptases from a Mniopetalum species (basidiomycetes). II. Structure elucidation.
The structures of six new drimance sesquiterpenoids, mniopetals A-F, were elucidated by a combination of chemical and spectroscopic methods. The mniopetals are inhibitors of RNA-directed
Hydroxystrobilurin A, a New Antifungal E-β-Methoxyacrylate from a Pterula species
The isolation, structure determination and biological evaluation of hydroxystrobilurin A will be described in the following, as well as how the fungus was grown in a YMGmedium and its production and structure determination were described.
(+)-10α-Hydroxy-4-muurolen-3-one, a New Inhibitor of Leukotriene Biosynthesis from a Favolaschia Species. Comparison with Other Sesquiterpenes
Abstract A new inhibitor of leukotriene biosynthesis, (+)-10α-hydroxy-4-muurolen-3-one (1), was isolated from fermentations of Favolaschia sp. 87129. Its structure was established by spectroscopic
Piceirhiza nigra, an ectomycorrhiza on Picea abies formed by a species of Thelephoraceae
SUMMARYEctomycorrhizas of Picea abies (L.) Karst., previously described as Piceirhiza nigra, are shown to be formed bya member of the Thelephoraceae by virtue of the presence of thelephoric acid.Key