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Water as a major modulator of the mechanical properties of insect cuticle.
The mechanical properties of the sternal cuticle of the locust were investigated by nanoindentation. Modulus and hardness of the exo-, meso-, and endocuticular layers were locally measured under dryExpand
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Attitudes of nursing staff toward interprofessional in-patient-centered rounding
Abstract Historically, medicine and nursing has had a hierarchical and patriarchal relationship, with physicians holding monopoly over knowledge-based practice of medical care, thus impedingExpand
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Infrared receptors in pyrophilous (“fire loving”) insects as model for new un-cooled infrared sensors
Summary Beetles of the genus Melanophila and certain flat bugs of the genus Aradus actually approach forest fires. For the detection of fires and of hot surfaces the pyrophilous species of bothExpand
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Material properties of photomechanical infrared receptors in pyrophilous Melanophila beetles and Aradus bugs.
Jewel beetles of the genus Melanophila and some pyrophilous species of the flat bugs genus Aradus show a pyrophilous behaviour and have developed so-called photomechanical infrared (IR) receptors. InExpand
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Fire-Adaptation in Hypocerides nearcticus Borgmeier and Anabarhynchus hyalipennis hyalipennis Marquart and New Notes about the Australian "Smoke Fly" Microsania australis Collart (Diptera: Phoridae,
This study deals with the fire-adapted behaviour of three Australian fly species on freshly burnt areas in West- ern Australia. The smoke fly, Microsania australis Collart (Platypezidae), swarms inExpand
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The importance of water for the mechanical properties of insect cuticle
  • D. Klocke, H. Schmitz
  • Materials Science, Engineering
  • Smart Structures and Materials + Nondestructive…
  • 23 March 2011
Insect cuticle has a broad range of mechanical properties. As it has to provide a very efficient and lightweight skeleton, cuticle is a highly interesting composite-material and may serve as aExpand