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A comparison of knee joint motion patterns between men and women in selected athletic tasks.
BACKGROUND Women have higher non-contact anterior cruciate ligament injury rate than men do in sport activities. Non-contact anterior cruciate ligament injuries frequently occur in sports requiringExpand
A Comparison of Knee Kinetics between Male and Female Recreational Athletes in Stop-Jump Tasks
We compared the knee kinetics of 10 male and 10 female recreational athletes (aged 19 to 25 years) performing forward, vertical, and backward stop-jump tasks. Three-dimensional videography and forceExpand
Effect of Fatigue on Knee Kinetics and Kinematics in Stop-Jump Tasks
Background Altered motor control strategies in landing and jumping maneuvers are a potential mechanism of noncontact anterior cruciate ligament injury. There are biomechanical differences betweenExpand
Effectiveness of a Neuromuscular and Proprioceptive Training Program in Preventing Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Female Athletes
Background Among female athletes it has not been established whether a neuromuscular and proprioceptive sports-specific training program will consistently reduce the incidence of anterior cruciateExpand
A Comparison of Plyometric Training Techniques for Improving Vertical Jump Ability and Energy Production
This study was done to determine which plyometric training technique is best for improving vertical jumping ability, positive energy production, and elastic energy utilization. Data were collectedExpand
Kinematic instep kicking differences between elite female and male soccer players.
The rapid rise in female participation in soccer worldwide has not been followed by a corresponding increase in the number of studies biomechanically that target female kicking patterns to determineExpand
Concussion History in Elite Male and Female Soccer Players
A unique feature of soccer is the purposeful use of the head for controlling, passing, and shooting a soccer ball. Some concern has been expressed in the literature on the cumulative effects ofExpand
Concussion Incidence in Elite College Soccer Players
A unique aspect of soccer is the use of the head for directing the ball. The potential for resultant head injuries has been the focus of discussions worldwide. Prior work has attributedExpand
Injury history as a risk factor for incident injury in youth soccer
Objectives: To determine if athletes with a self reported history of previous injury have a higher incident injury rate than athletes without a self reported injury history. Methods: A prospectiveExpand
Impact of Ramadan on physical performance in professional soccer players
Objective: Ramadan is a period of daylight abstention from liquid or solid nutrients. As sports continue to be scheduled, an understanding of the effects of Ramadan on Muslim athletes is warranted.Expand