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The Baltic and the North Seas
Exploring the themes of the human relationship with the marine environment and the ways in which the peoples of Northern Europe have experienced and exploited their seas, this book reveals how humanExpand
A Concise History of Finland
Preface 1. A medieval marchland 2. The Swedish legacy 3. From Stockholm to St Petersburg, 1780-1860 4. The embryonic state, 1860-1907 5. The independent state, 1907-1937 6. War and peace, 1939-1956Expand
Sex Trafficking, Russian Infiltration, Birth Certificates, and Pedophilia: A Survey Experiment Correcting Fake News
Following the 2016 U.S. election, researchers and policymakers have become intensely concerned about the dissemination of “fake news,” or false news stories in circulation (Lazer et al., 2017).Expand
The Baltic world, 1772-1993 : Europe's northern periphery in an age of change
Part One: The Age of Empire: "Sturm und Drang"-The Baltic in an Age of Revolution, 1772-1815 Stormclouds, the revolutionary nineties, The spread of war, From Tilsit to Eidsvoll. The Baltic in 1800:Expand
Northern Europe in the Early Modern Period: The Baltic World 1492-1772
Part 1 The Baltic at the end of the Middle Ages: the Baltic in the European economy rulers and ruled the decline of the order. Part 2 The Livonian wars: new currents the struggle for dominion - theExpand
The Libertarian Vote
Conventional wisdom holds that the United States is a country nearly evenly divided between two political ideologies: liberal vs. conservative, red state vs. blue state. Our study of voter and publicExpand
Incorporation: The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact
One of the most difficult problems encountered by the small new states of Europe during the interwar years was how to acquire a decent mantle of security without unduly compromising their politicalExpand