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Generic NICA-Donnan model parameters for metal-ion binding by humic substances.
Generic parameter values have been derived that can be used for modeling in the absence of specific metalion binding measurements and complement the previously derived generic descriptions of proton binding.
Generic NICA-Donnan model parameters for proton binding by humic substances.
The NICA-Donnan model successfully described the behavior of the individual datasets with a high degree of accuracy and highlighted the differences in site density and binding affinity between fulvic acids (FA) and humic acids (HA) while demonstrating their strong similarities.
General purpose adsorption isotherms.
  • D. Kinniburgh
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Environmental science & technology
  • 1 September 1986
Isotherms described here which are likely to show a wide range of applicability include the Toth, modified Dubinin-Radushkevich, and multisite Langmuir isotherms, which can also describe competitive adsorption reactions and are well suited for heterogeneous exchangers such as soils and sediments.
Metal ion binding to humic substances: application of the non-ideal competitive adsorption model.
The results show that binding of metal ions to humic acid is strongly influenced by the intrinsic chemical heterogeneity of the humic material itself as well as by ion-specific non-ideality.
Arsenic contamination of groundwater in Bangladesh
A survey of well waters (n=3534) from throughout Bang- ' ladesh, excluding the Chitt;agong Hill Tracts, has shown that water from 27% of the 'shallow' tubewells, that is wells less than 150 m
Arsenic and selenium
Metal ion binding by humic acid : Application of the NICA-Donnan model
A Donnan-type model for nonspecific binding of electrolyte ions has been combined with the non-ideal competitive adsorption (NICA) model for specific binding to produce a model for ion binding to