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Prenatal stress and risk for autism
This paper reviews several converging lines of research that suggest that prenatal exposure to environmental stress may increase risk for Autistic Disorder (AD). We first discuss studies finding thatExpand
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Autism Prevalence Following Prenatal Exposure to Hurricanes and Tropical Storms in Louisiana
Hurricanes and tropical storms served as natural experiments for investigating whether autism is associated with exposure to stressful events during sensitive periods of gestation. Weather serviceExpand
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Environmental risk factors for autism: do they help cause de novo genetic mutations that contribute to the disorder?
Recent research has discovered that a number of genetic risk factors for autism are de novo mutations. Advanced parental age at the time of conception is associated with increased risk for bothExpand
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Mental illness in the biological and adoptive relatives of schizophrenic adoptees. Replication of the Copenhagen Study in the rest of Denmark.
BACKGROUND Our previous investigation of the prevalence of mental illness among the biological and adoptive relatives of schizophrenic adoptees in Copenhagen, Denmark, showed a significantExpand
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Mood Swings and Creativity
ABSTRACT: This article evaluates recent evidence for an association between creativity and bipolar mood disorders. Eminent creativity and everyday creativity are distinguished, with high rates ofExpand
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Pre- and perinatal complications and risk for bipolar disorder: a retrospective study.
BACKGROUND Many studies have reported that obstetric complications are risk factors for schizophrenia, but few studies have examined whether complications increase risk for bipolar disorder. Expand
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Creativity in Offspring of Schizophrenic and Control Parents: An Adoption Study
Previous studies (Heston & Denney, 1968; Karlsson, 1970; Kauffman, Grunebaum, Cohler, & Gamer, 1979) have reported that psychologically healthier biological relatives of persons with schizophreniaExpand
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Independent diagnoses of adoptees and relatives as defined by DSM-III in the provincial and national samples of the Danish Adoption Study of Schizophrenia.
BACKGROUND This report describes the independent application of DSM-III criteria to the adoptees and relatives in the Provincial sample of the Danish Adoption Study of Schizophrenia of Kety andExpand
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