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Understanding C programs using the Combined C Graph representation
This paper describes the Combined C Graph (CCG), a fine-grained intermediate representation for programs written in the C language from which program slices, call graph, flow-sensitive data flow, definition-use and control dependence views can be easily constructed. Expand
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A combined representation for the maintenance of C programs
  • D. Kinloch
  • Computer Science
  • [] IEEE Second Workshop on Program Comprehension
  • 8 July 1993
An important aid to the problems of program comprehension has been the use of static analysis tools to provide useful and up to date information on a program. Expand
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Impacts of Solar Heating Options Upon Electric Power Systems
With increased popular emphasis on solar energy in recent years, concern has been raised about possible adverse effects the application of solar energy in residential and commercial sectors couldExpand
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Hermes and other poetry
from I Giraffe: poem
Finger of a Frenchman
Finger of a Frenchman explores looking, and writing about looking: looking at surfaces and beyond them, at what is depicted and what is hidden in shadow, at how a transient chemistry of light may beExpand
Commer: poems like paintings
Balances in The Hunterian Poems