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Key issues in development
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South-East Asia: A Political Profile
"South-East Asia: A Political Profile outlines the political processes and institutions of the countries in South-East Asia, in particular tracing their past and explaining how they have come to beExpand
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The politics of Indonesia
"Completely revised and updated, this new edition of The Politics of Indonesia is an engaging and accessible account of the main political issues and challenges confronting Indonesia as it movesExpand
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Power Politics and the Indonesian Military
This book, based on extensive original research, examines the role of the military in Indonesian politics. It looks at the role of the military historically, examines the different ways it isExpand
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Political development and the re-emergence of civil society in Cambodia
Since the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia organized multi-party elections in 1993, there had been a gradual shift away from various authoritarian forms of government towards limitedExpand
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The Free Aceh Movement: Islam and democratisation 1
Abstract The Free Aceh Movement (GAM) has been characterised by some observers and the Indonesian government as being a radical Islamic organisation intent on establishing an Islamic state inExpand
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International Development: Issues and Challenges
This book introduces the key contemporary issues in the theory, practice and study of development, from economic growth, good governance and globalization to gender, security and the environment. ItExpand
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Autonomy and Disintegration in Indonesia
Part 1: Themes and Issues 1. Nation versus State in Indonesia 2. Forming Nations: Beyond Western-Centrism 3. The State and Status of the Nation: A Historical Viewpoint 4. Indonesia Since PresidentExpand
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