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Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms for Fortran Usage
A package of 38 low level subprograms for many of the basic operations of numerical linear algebra is presented, intended to be used with FORTRAN.
Numerical Analysis: Mathematics of Scientific Computing
This work treats numerical analysis from a mathematical point of view, demonstrating that the many computational algorithms and intriguing questions of computer science arise from theorems and
Numerical mathematics and computing
Students of science and engineering are shown the potential computers have for solving numerical problems and give them ample opportunities to hone their skills in programming and problem solving.
Algorithm 586: ITPACK 2C: A FORTRAN Package for Solving Large Sparse Linear Systems by Adaptive Accelerated Iterative Methods
ITPACK 2C is a collection of seven FORTRAN subroutines for solving large sparse linear systems by adaptive accelerated iterative algorithms that are the most successful in solving systems with symmetric positive definite or mildly nonsymmetric coefficient matrices.
Linear Algebra: Theory and Applications
Focusing on a comprehensive blend between theory and application, this text guides theoretically-oriented mathematics students as they devise proofs and deal with abstractions in this multi-faceted introduction to linear algebra.
ITPACK project: Past, present, and future
The objectives of the ITPACK project are reviewed, the progress made to date is summarized, plans for future work are outlined and an overview is given of the developmental work on other software involving more general preconditioners and additional more » nonsymmetric procedures.
The Modified Successive Overrelaxation Method with Fixed Parameters
Expressions for the spectral radius and for certain norms of the modified successive overrelaxation method with fixed parameters are derived. Also established are expressions for the virtual spectral