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Mixing and Segregation of Granular Materials
▪ Abstract Granular materials segregate. Small differences in either size or density lead to flow-induced segregation, a complex phenomenon without parallel in fluids. Modeling of mixing andExpand
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Radial segregation of granular mixtures in rotating cylinders
Simultaneous mixing and segregation of granular materials is of considerable practical importance; the interplay among both processes is, however, poorly understood from a fundamental viewpoint. TheExpand
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A case study of chaotic mixing in deterministic flows: The partitioned-pipe mixer
Abstract We exploit the connection between the kinematics of mixing and the theory of dynamical systems. The presentation takes the form of a case study of a novel continuous flow mixer—theExpand
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Scaling relations for granular flow in quasi-two-dimensional rotating cylinders.
  • A. V. Orpe, D. Khakhar
  • Medicine, Physics
  • Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 27 August 2001
An experimental study of the flow of different materials (steel balls, glass beads, and sand) in quasi-two-dimensional rotating cylinders is carried out using flow visualization. The flow in theExpand
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Modeling of the Dynamics of Water and R‐11 blown polyurethane foam formation
Polyurethane foam formation involves both polymerization and expansion processes. The dynamics of the water and R-11 blown foams depend on the rates of chemical and physical blowing processes, alongExpand
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Modeling of the dynamics of R-11 blown polyurethane foam formation
The dynamics of R-11 blown polyurethane foam formation depend on the rates of viscosity increase of the reacting mixture and R-11 evaporation, and both are controlled by the polymerization process.Expand
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Transverse flow and mixing of granular materials in a rotating cylinder
The focus of this work is analysis of mixing in a rotating cylinder—a prototype system for mixing of granular materials—with the objective of understanding and highlighting the role of flow on theExpand
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Surface flow of granular materials: model and experiments in heap formation
Granular surface flows are important in industrial practice and natural systems, but the understanding of such flows is at present incomplete. We present a combined theoretical and experimental studyExpand
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Mixing and Dispersion of Viscous Liquids and Powdered Solids
Publisher Summary Mixing and dispersion of viscous fluids—blending in the polymer processing literature—is the result of complex interaction between flow and events occurring at drop length-scales:Expand
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Rheology of binary granular mixtures in the dense flow regime
We study the rheology of granular mixtures in a steady, fully developed, gravity-driven flow on an inclined plane, by means of discrete element method (DEM) simulations. Results are presented for aExpand
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