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Ultrastructure and pyruvate formate-lyase radical quenching property of the multienzymic AdhE protein of Escherichia coli.
The AdhE protein of Escherichia coli is a homopolymer of 96-kDa subunits harboring three Fe(2+)-dependent catalytic functions: acetaldehyde-CoA dehydrogenase, alcohol dehydrogenase, and pyruvateExpand
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Pyruvate‐formate‐lyase‐deactivase and acetyl‐CoA reductase activities of Escherichia coli reside on a polymeric protein particle encoded by adhE
A 4.8 kb DNA‐fragment was cloned and sequenced encompassing the structural gene of PFL‐deactivase (2.7 kb) and 2 kb of the 5 flanking region that contains the elements for anaerobic induction. AExpand
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Enzymatic activation of sulfur for incorporation into biomolecules in prokaryotes.
  • D. Kessler
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • FEMS microbiology reviews
  • 1 November 2006
Sulfur is a functionally important element of living matter. Incorporation into biomolecules occurs by two basic strategies. Sulfide is added to an activated acceptor in the biosynthesis of cysteine,Expand
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A Novel l-Cysteine/Cystine C-S-Lyase Directing [2Fe-2S] Cluster Formation of SynechocystisFerredoxin*
Iron-sulfur proteins acquire their clusters by posttranslational assembly. To identify components involved in this process an in vitro assay for holoprotein formation was established using theExpand
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Crystal structure of the cystine C-S lyase from Synechocystis: stabilization of cysteine persulfide for FeS cluster biosynthesis.
FeS clusters are versatile cofactors of a variety of proteins, but the mechanisms of their biosynthesis are still unknown. The cystine C-S lyase from Synechocystis has been identified as aExpand
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Evidence for cysteine persulfide as reaction product of L-Cyst(e)ine C-S-lyase (C-DES) from Synechocystis. Analyses using cystine analogues and recombinant C-DES.
The pyridoxal phosphate-dependent monomeric L-cysteine/cystine C-S-lyase (C-DES), previously isolated from Synechocystis PCC 6714 by its capacity to direct [2Fe-2S] cluster assembly of ferredoxin inExpand
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Iron–sulfur cluster biosynthesis in photosynthetic organisms
Iron–sulfur (Fe/S) cluster containing proteins are widely distributed in nature and are involved in numerous processes including electron transfer, metabolic reactions, sensing, signaling, andExpand
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Snapshots of the Cystine Lyase C-DES during Catalysis
The cystine lyase (C-DES) ofSynechocystis is a pyridoxal-5′-phosphate-dependent enzyme distantly related to the family of NifS-like proteins. The crystal structure of an N-terminal modified variantExpand
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Sulfur Mobilization in Cyanobacteria
Sulfur mobilization represents one of the key steps in ubiquitous Fe-S clusters assembly and is performed by a recently characterized set of proteins encompassing cysteine desulfurases, assemblyExpand
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