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Do Doctors Practice Defensive Medicine?
`Defensive medicine' is a potentially serious social problem: if fear of liability drives health care providers to administer treatments that do not have worthwhile medical benefits, then the currentExpand
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Vertical integration: hospital ownership of physician practices is associated with higher prices and spending.
We examined the consequences of contractual or ownership relationships between hospitals and physician practices, often described as vertical integration. Such integration can reduce health spendingExpand
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The Effects of Cardiac Specialty Hospitals on the Cost and Quality of Medical Care
The recent rise of specialty hospitals--typically for-profit firms that are at least partially owned by physicians--has led to substantial debate about their effects on the cost and quality of care.Expand
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Do Markets Respond to Quality Information? The Case of Fertility Clinics
Although policymakers have increasingly turned to provider report cards as a tool to improve health care quality, existing studies provide mixed evidence on whether they influence consumer choices.Expand
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Using Sentence Enhancements to Distinguish between Deterrence and Incapacitation
We demonstrate that the introduction of sentence enhancements (i.e. increased punishments that are added on to prison sentences that would have been served anyway) provides a direct means of measuring deterrence. Expand
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The Effects of Competition on Variation in the Quality and Cost of Medical Care
We estimate the effects of hospital competition on the level of and the variation in quality of care and hospital expenditures for elderly Medicare beneficiaries with heart attack. We compareExpand
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We propose a graph classification method that uses edge weights as predictors but incorporates the network nature of the data via penalties that promote sparsity in the number of nodes, in addition to the usual sparsity penalties. Expand
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Impact of malpractice reforms on the supply of physician services.
CONTEXT Proponents of restrictions on malpractice lawsuits claim that tort reform will improve access to medical care. OBJECTIVE To estimate the effects of changes in state malpractice law on theExpand
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The Effect of Hospital/Physician Integration on Hospital Choice
In this paper, we estimate how hospital ownership of physicians' practices affects their patients' hospital choices. We match data on the hospital admissions of Medicare beneficiaries, including theExpand
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Dynamics of Cosponsorship
lectoral-connection theories of legislative politics view bill cosponsorship as low-cost position taking by rational legislators who communicate with target audiences (e.g., constituents) external toExpand
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