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Mechanism of Block of hEag1 K+ Channels by Imipramine and Astemizole
Ether à go-go (Eag; KV10.1) voltage-gated K+ channels have been detected in cancer cell lines of diverse origin and shown to influence their rate of proliferation. The tricyclic antidepressantExpand
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Heteromeric assembly of Kv2.1 with Kv9.3: effect on the state dependence of inactivation.
Modulatory alpha-subunits of Kv channels remain electrically silent after homomeric expression. Their interactions with Kv2 alpha-subunits via the amino-terminal domain promote the assembly ofExpand
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Structural Determinants of the Regulation of the Voltage-gated Potassium Channel Kv2.1 by the Modulatory α-Subunit Kv9.3*
Voltage-gated potassium (Kv) channels containing α-subunits of the Kv2 subfamily mediate delayed rectifier currents in excitable cells. Channels formed by Kv2.1 α-subunits inactivate from open- andExpand
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Fe65 Interacts with P2X2 Subunits at Excitatory Synapses and Modulates Receptor Function*
Ionotropic receptors in the neuronal plasma membrane are organized in macromolecular complexes, which assure their proper localization and regulate signal transduction. P2X receptors, the ionotropicExpand
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Cloning and Tissue Distribution of Two New Potassium Channel α-Subunits from Rat Brain☆
Abstract The expressed sequence tag (EST) database is a valuable tool to identify functionally related clones, when sequence similarity is so low that standard library screening methods cannot beExpand
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