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Organized Crime in America
1. The Problems of Definition: What is Organized Crime? 2. The Theories of Organized Crime: Explaining the Past, Present, and Future . 3. In the Beginning: Blackbeard and the Others. 4. OrganizedExpand
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Improving Shift Schedule and Work-Hour Policies and Practices to Increase Police Officer Performance, Health, and Safety
Fatigue among police patrol officers arising from departmental policies and practices may degrade individuals' abilities and hence the performance of organizations. Few U.S. police departments haveExpand
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Crime on the subways: Measuring the effectiveness of the guardian angels
For the past several decades, criminal justice practitioners and observers have begun to suggest that our crime problems cannot be solved without increased levels of citizen involvement. Advocates ofExpand
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Police pursuits and the use of force: Recognizing and managing “the pucker factor”—A research note
Pursuit driving has become one of the most controversial and litigated topics in policing. One consistent theme in the research is that pursuits are adrenaline-driven and are highly stressful for theExpand
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Early Warning Systems for Police: Concept, History, and Issues
Early warning (EW) systems are data-driven management tools for identifying police officers with performance problems and for providing some intervention to correct those problems. EW systems haveExpand
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Crime, Fear, and the New York City Subways: The Role of Citizen Action
Introduction The Role of Citizens in the U.S. Law Enforcement Process The Related Social and Organizational Issues The Research: Its Setting, Method, and Design Crime on the Subways Fear on theExpand
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Countering crime and corruption
The Border Project was a 36-lesson course developed by Mexican and US teachers to build support for a culture of lawfulness and further the rule of law. The conclusion of the project's evaluationExpand
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A national survey of pursuits and the use of police force: Data from law enforcement agencies
Because little is known about police pursuits and pursuit driving, most communities are forced to develop important police policy in an information vacuum. Indeed, much of the work to date lacks evenExpand
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Crime in the schools
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