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Method for detection of specific RNAs in agarose gels by transfer to diazobenzyloxymethyl-paper and hybridization with DNA probes.
This procedure allows detection of specific RNA bands with high sensitivity and low background by hybridization with 32P-labeled DNA probes followed by autoradiography. Expand
Can older males deliver the good genes?
The evolution of mating preferences based on age, and in the relationship between longevity and fitness, are investigated to highlight the importance of understanding sexual selection from a life-history perspective. Expand
Gaping Displays Reveal and Amplify a Mechanically Based Index of Weapon Performance
It is concluded that exposure of the muscle complex during gaping displays can provide rival males with a reliable, body‐size independent, biomechanically based index of weapon performance, an index that the mouth‐corner patches amplify. Expand
Fighting without weaponry: a review of male-male contest competition in butterflies
It is suggested that careful experimentation, using 'natural' manipulations where possible, should prove most beneficial in identifying costs and exploring schedules of contest settlement in this group, and future investigations should be sensitive to the fact that butterfly territoriality and associated male-male interactions are seated within a broader ecological and life-historical context. Expand
Female mating biases for bright ultraviolet iridescence in the butterfly Eurema hecabe (Pieridae)
Behavioral experiments involving manipulations of ambient light environments and male reflectance patterns with observation of wild mating patterns are couple to investigate visual mating biases in the large grass yellow (Eurema hecabe), finding the presence of a UV signal--based female bias. Expand
Detection of specific RNAs or specific fragments of DNA by fractionation in gels and transfer to diazobenzyloxymethyl paper.
The efficiency of transfer is very high and independent of the size of a fragment as covalent linkage allows convenient multiple reuse of the transfers and also allows washings to be done repeatedly under stringent conditions, thereby helping to achieve very low backgrounds. Expand
Residency effects in animal contests
  • D. Kemp, C. Wiklund
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London…
  • 22 August 2004
It is shown conclusively that residency does not serve as an arbitrary cue for contest settlement in this species and it is suggested that more intrinsically aggressive males accumulate as residents and continue to win due to the self-reinforcing effect of prior winning experience. Expand
Predicting the direction of ornament evolution in Trinidadian guppies (Poecilia reticulata)
Whether and how these evolutionary trajectories may result from founder effects, population-specific mate preferences and/or sensory drive are discussed are discussed. Expand
Conspicuousness of Dickerson's collared lizard (Crotaphytus dickersonae) through the eyes of conspecifics and predators
The blue body coloration that is unique to male C. dickersonae may offset the cost of visibility to predators (and to prey) through reduced contrast against the extensive, local, nonterrestrial blue backgrounds of the sea and sky. Expand