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Pulse broadening in graded-index optical fibers.
Good agreement found between theory and experiment not only supports the predictions made for the value of alpha(c), but demonstrates an ability to predict pulse broadening in fibers having general index gradients. Expand
Measurements show that single‐mode waveguides can be constructed which have radiation losses of about 7 dB/km—very close to the intrinsic material scattering loss. These waveguides, with total lossesExpand
On the ultimate lower limit of attenuation in glass optical waveguides
The fabrication of an extremely‐low‐loss glass optical waveguide, having as little as 4 dB/km total attenuation, has allowed interpretation of the absorption spectrum to a much greater degree thanExpand
Segmented-core single-mode fibres with low loss and low dispersion
Single-mode-fibre designs with segmented core for achieving simultaneously low loss and dispersion are described. Results showing dispersion flattening of ± 1.5 ps/km nm over a 280 nm range areExpand
Birefringence in dielectric optical waveguides
The linear and circular birefringent properties of low-loss single-mode glass fibers are found to depend upon length. Depolarization is about 1 percent/km. Some anomalous behavior can be explained inExpand
Pulse transmission through a dielectric optical waveguide.
Waveguide propagation of a pulse-modulated carrier wave is formulated to include distortion due to dispersion in both attentuation and phase velocity. An optimum input gaussian pulse width exists forExpand
Spatial and temporal power transfer measurements on a low-loss optical waveguide.
  • D. Keck
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Applied optics
  • 1 August 1974
Negligible mode coupling was observed in this particular waveguide, which allowed a phenomenological calculation of temporal output for an assumed uniform excitation of all modes, which agreed well with experimental measurements. Expand
Pulse dispersion and refractive-index profiles of some low-noise multimode optical fibers
The refractive-index profile and impulse response of three low-loss multimode optical fibers have been measured. Pulse dispersion of about 1.5 ns or less was observed in two of the fibers, each 1 kmExpand
Observation of externally controlled mode coupling in optical waveguides
Externally controlled mode coupling was observed in a 0.7-km optical waveguide fiber resulting in a significant pulse narrowing. The method of mode coupling generation requires that care be exercisedExpand
Multimode concatenation modal group analysis
A multimode concatenation model is derived using the link mode power distribution and fiber mode group delay times. The model is used deterministically to predict the bandwidth length exponent γ forExpand