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Reliability engineering handbook
This volume, the second of two devoted to the subject, covers the range of reliability engineering, from product and system design through manufacturing, implementation and maintenance. IllustratedExpand
Reliability and Life Testing Handbook
Objectives, types, scheduling, and management, reliability data - its acquisitions and processing five very important and fundamental reliability engineering relationships and the failure rateExpand
Fitting the Weibull log-linear model to accelerated life-test data
An efficient algorithm is presented in this paper, to obtain the MLE of the model parameters from test data (with or without censoring) for both stress-independent and stress-dependent models. Expand
Maintainability, Availability and Operational Readiness Engineering Handbook
The study covers the benefits of an integrated reliability and maintainability engineering programme in industry and government complete with case histories. It includes 15 maintainability designExpand
Graphical representation of two mixed-Weibull distributions
A variety of shapes of two-Weibull mixtures on Weibull probability paper are explored and classified into six types of Cdf curves (A-F). Types B-D represent Cdf's composed of two well-mixedExpand
The Arrhenius, Eyring, inverse power law and combination models in accelerated life testing
Abstract The Arrhenius, Eyring, inverse power law and combination models for accelerated life testing and reliability determination are presented. All methods test the components at higher stressExpand
Environmental Stress Screening: Its Quantification, Optimization and Management
Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) has become one of the primary approaches in the modern electronic industry to precipitate and eliminate latent or hidden defects in electronic products which areExpand
Design of an optimal plan for an accelerated degradation test: a case study
Purpose – To design an optimal accelerated degradation test (ADT) plan for light emitting diodes (LEDs).Design/methodology/approach – This paper presents a method for the optimum planning of ADTs.Expand
Maximum likelihood estimates, from censored data, for mixed-Weibull distributions
An algorithm for estimating the parameters of mixed-Weibull distributions from censored data is presented. The algorithm follows the principle of the MLE (maximum likelihood estimate) through the EMExpand