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Representations of Coxeter groups and Hecke algebras
here l(w) is the length of w. In the case where Wis a Weyl group and q is specialized to a fixed prime power, | ~ can be interpreted as the algebra of intertwining operators of the space of functionsExpand
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Quantization of Lie bialgebras, II
Abstract. This paper is a continuation of [EK]. We show that the quantization procedure of [EK] is given by universal acyclic formulas and defines a functor from the category of Lie bialgebras to theExpand
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Quantization of Lie bialgebras, I
In the paper [Dr3] V. Drinfeld formulated a number of problems in quantum group theory. In particular, he raised the question about the existence of a quantization for Lie bialgebras, which aroseExpand
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Affine Lie algebras and quantum groups
Let g be a finite dimensional simple Lie algebra of simply laced type. Drinfeld has shown that the tensor category of finite-dimensional representations of the corresponding quantized envelopingExpand
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Integration in valued fields
We develop a theory of integration over valued fields of residue characteristic zero. In particular, we obtain new and base-field independent foundations for integration over local fields of largeExpand
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Tensor structures arising from affine Lie algebras. III
This paper is a part of the series [KL]; however, it can be read independently of the first two parts. In [D3], Drinfeld proved the existence of an equivalence between a tensor category ofExpand
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