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The consequences in young adulthood of adolescent drug involvement. An overview.
To examine the consequences of adolescent drug use on the psychosocial and health functioning of young adults, we followed up 1004 young men and women from age 15 or 16 years to age 25 years. The useExpand
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Children's Psychological Distress Following the Death of a Parent
The death of a parent in childhood represents a profound psychological insult. Although a number of studies have examined rates of depression and anxiety in bereaved children, less attention has beenExpand
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Psychosocial adjustment of children with a terminally ill parent.
Although a substantial number of children experience serious parental illness and death, the adjustment problems attendant to the stress of having a fatally ill parent have not been examinedExpand
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Adjustment of children facing the death of a parent due to cancer.
OBJECTIVE To compare predeath and postdeath levels of depression and anxiety reported by a sample of children who lost a parent to cancer ("study children") with the levels reported by children in aExpand
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Child survivors of parental death from cancer or suicide: depressive and behavioral outcomes
Depressive symptoms, social competence, and behavior problems of prepubescent children bereaved within 18 months of parental death from cancer (57 families, 64 children) or suicide (11 families, 16Expand
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Correlates of depressive symptomatology among adult daughter caregivers of a parent with cancer
As a consequence of advances and changes in the detection and treatment of cancer, increasing demands are being placed on familial caregivers of elderly cancer patients. Understanding the factorsExpand
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Patient reports of symptoms and their treatment at three palliative care projects servicing individuals with HIV/AIDS.
Self-reports of 32 symptoms and their treatments were obtained from patients of three palliative care programs that provide services to seriously ill HIV patients (>or=95% AIDS) in Alabama (n=47),Expand
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Racial disparities in sexual risk behaviors and drug use among older gay/bisexual and heterosexual men living with HIV/AIDS.
Adults over age 50 comprise 11% of yearly AIDS cases, yet little is known about their sexual risk behaviors and drug use following diagnosis with HIV/AIDS. The present questionnaire study examinesExpand
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Correlates of change in depressive symptomatology among gay men with AIDS.
Longitudinal data from a sample of gay men living with AIDS (N = 128) were used to assess the relationship of change in various individual and situational correlates with change in depression.Expand
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New Jersey's Medicaid waiver for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
This article contains data from a study of New Jersey's home and community-based Medicaid waiver program for persons with symptomatic human immunodeficiency virus illness. Major findings includeExpand
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