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Spatial distributions of soil properties at the field and watershed scale may affect yield potential, hydrologic responses, and transport of herbicides and NO to surface or groundwater. Our researchExpand
A comparison of soil quality indexing methods for vegetable production systems in Northern California
Abstract Consultants, farm advisors, resource conservationists, and other land managers may benefit from decision tools that help identify the most sustainable management practices. Indices of soilExpand
Biochar impact on nutrient leaching from a Midwestern agricultural soil.
Abstract Application of biochar to highly weathered tropical soils has been shown to enhance soil quality and decrease leaching of nutrients. Little, however, is known about the effects of biocharExpand
Impact of biochar amendments on the quality of a typical Midwestern agricultural soil
Abstract Biochar, a co-product of thermochemical conversion of lignocellulosic materials into advanced biofuels, may be used as a soil amendment to enhance the sustainability of biomass harvesting.Expand
Soil Quality: A Concept, Definition, and Framework for Evaluation (A Guest Editorial)
This essay summarizes deliberation by the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) Ad Hoc Committee on Soil Quality (S-581) and was written to spur discussion among SSSA members. Varying perceptions ofExpand
Nitrogen Management Strategies to Reduce Nitrate Leaching in Tile-Drained Midwestern Soils
Balancing the amount of N needed for optimum plant growth while minimizing the NO 3 that is transported to ground and surface waters remains a major challenge for everyone attempting to understandExpand
Electroweak measurements in electron positron collisions at W-boson-pair energies at LEP
Electroweak measurements performed with data taken at the electron-positron collider LEP at CERN from 1995 to 2000 are reported. The combined data set considered in this report corresponds to a totalExpand
The Soil Management Assessment Framework : A Quantitative Soil Quality Evaluation Method
bold et al., 1998). Because improper management can lead to deleterious changes in soil function, a need for Erosion rates and annual soil loss tolerance (T) values in evaluatools and methods toExpand
The Soil Management Assessment Framework
Erosion rates and annual soil loss tolerance (T) values in evaluations of soil management practices have served as focal points for soil quality (SQ) research and assessment programs for decades. OurExpand
Crop residue effects on soil quality following 10-years of no-till corn☆
Numerous biological, chemical, and physical indicators of soil quality have been suggested, but few have been evaluated using data from long-term field studies. Our objective was to evaluate severalExpand