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Caloric restriction and intermittent fasting alter hepatic lipid droplet proteome and diacylglycerol species and prevent diabetes in NZO mice.
Caloric restriction and intermittent fasting are known to improve glucose homeostasis and insulin resistance in several species including humans. The aim of this study was to unravel potentialExpand
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Dissociation of lipotoxicity and glucotoxicity in a mouse model of obesity associated diabetes: role of forkhead box O1 (FOXO1) in glucose-induced beta cell failure
Aims/hypothesisCarbohydrate-free diet prevents hyperglycaemia and beta cell destruction in the New Zealand Obese (NZO) mouse model. Here we have used a sequential dietary regimen to dissociate theExpand
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We present new observations of the short-period Algol XZ Canis Minoris made between 1992 December 25 and 1993 March 1. Two new epochs of minimum light were determined and an improved ephemeris isExpand
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The Workers' Revolution in Russia, 1917: The View from Below
Preface Acknowledgments Notes on dates 1. Revising the old story: the 1917 revolution in light of new sources Ronald Grigor Suny 2. St. Petersburg and Moscow on the eve of revolution James H. BaterExpand
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Glucagon regulates its own synthesis by autocrine signaling
Peptide hormones are powerful regulators of various biological processes. To guarantee continuous availability and function, peptide hormone secretion must be tightly coupled to its biosynthesis. AExpand
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Soviet Studies on the History of the Family
Within the last two decades, European and American historians have shown extraordinary interest in family history. (1) Much of the finest work has concentrated on local communities whose populationsExpand
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"He Said, She Said": Rape and Gender Discourse in Early Modern Russia
Does it matter who is speaking when rape is reported or described? Lynn A. Higgins and Brenda R. Silver argue that it "may be all that matters. Whether in the courts or the media, whether in art orExpand
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“Whose Wife Will She Be at the Resurrection?”Marriage and Remarriage in Early Modern Russia
For some time, but especially in recent years, historians have debated the extent to which the Russian Orthodox Church in the seventeenth century was able to affect personal behavior. In attemptingExpand
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Worker Voices, Elite Representations: Rewriting the Labor History of Late Imperial Russia
Pointing out the difficulty of recovering authentic representations of worker voices in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Russia, this review essay examines two recent books and theirExpand
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