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The Campaign of Ramesses III against Philistia
In this article I propose that Ramesses III campaigned in his eighth regnal year against the Philistines on the Northern borders of Canaan and prevented them from invading Egyptian controlledExpand
Attitudes of New York City high school students regarding firearm violence.
OBJECTIVES To assess prevalence of gun possession, attitudes regarding gun possession and gun violence, knowledge and influences of gun violence, and the potential role of physicians in gun violenceExpand
Egypt, Canaan and Israel: History, Imperialism, Ideology and Literature
The proceedings of the conference “Egypt, Canaan and Israel: History, Imperialism, Ideology and Literature” include the latest discussions about the political, military, cultural, economic,Expand
Who is Meddling in Egypt’s Affairs? The Identity of the Asiatics in the Elephantine Stele of Sethnakhte and the Historicity of the Medinet Habu Asiatic War Reliefs
It is the purpose of this article to address the identity of the auxiliary Asiatic troops mentioned in the Elephantine Stele of Sethnakhte, founder of the Twentieth Dynasty. The identity of theseExpand
The Kingdom of Arpad (Bit Agusi) and All Aram' : International Relations in Northern Syria in the Ninth and Eighth Centuries BCE
The role of Bīt Agūsi in the politics of ninth-eighth centuries BCE in Northern Syria is surveyed. Seven stages in the existence of the Kingdom of Bīt Agūsi are identified. In stage 1 (858-ca. 842Expand
Judean Auxiliaries in Egypt's Wars against Kush
During the Twenty-Sixth Dynasty, mercenaries and foreign soldiers served as combatants in the Egyptian army. They were first attested during the reign of Psammetichus I and their presence increasedExpand
Some Remarks on the Foreign Policy of Psammetichus II in the Levant (595–589 B.C.)
Since it is commonly held that Psammetichus II abstained from aggressive activity against Babylonia, I want to reconsider his policy (595-589 B.C.) toward the Levant and the Babylonian Empire. No newExpand
The Historical Setting Of Zephaniah’s Oracles Against The Nations (Zeph. 2: 4–15)
This chapter shows that the Oracles against the Nations in the Book of Zephaniah indeed all fit the historical reality in the period of the reign of Josiah (640-609 B.C.E.). The oracles against theExpand