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Cognitive and psychological predictors of everyday memory in children with intractable epilepsy
It is suggested that everyday memory in children with intractable epilepsy differs from that of adults; attentional problems may underlie everyday memory problems in these children. Expand
Cortical Thickness in Children Receiving Intensive Therapy for Idiopathic Apraxia of Speech
This is the first study to demonstrate experience-dependent structural plasticity in children receiving therapy for speech sound disorders, and possible cortical thickness correlates of idiopathic apraxia of speech in childhood, and changes associated with participation in an 8-week block of PROMPT therapy. Expand
Cortical Alpha Oscillations Predict Speech Intelligibility
This is the first report that shows almost no brain oscillatory changes during a passive task compared to an active task in any sensory modality and demonstrates that changes in alpha activity are specific to listening conditions. Expand
Reading acceleration training changes brain circuitry in children with reading difficulties
The effect of the RAP training on regions of interest in the neural circuitry for reading using a lexical decision task during fMRI in children with reading difficulties and typical readers is examined. Expand
Neural indices of listening effort in noisy environments
Adult users of cochlear implants self-reported listening effort during a speech-in-noise task that was positively related to alpha oscillatory activity in the left inferior frontal cortex, canonical Broca's area, and inversely related to speech envelope coherence in the 2–5 Hz range originating in the superior-temporal plane encompassing auditory cortex. Expand
Mapping Critical Language Sites in Children Performing Verb Generation: Whole-Brain Connectivity and Graph Theoretical Analysis in MEG
It is shown that whole brain connectivity and network analysis can be used to map critical language sites in typical development; these methods may be useful for defining the margins of eloquent tissue in neurosurgical candidates. Expand
Localization of Broca's area using verb generation tasks in the MEG: Validation against fMRI
The novel MEG expressive language tasks successfully identified neural regions involved in language production and showed high concordance with fMRI laterality, but showed task-specific and threshold-related effects. Expand
Relationship between speech motor control and speech intelligibility in children with speech sound disorders.
Speech intelligibility at both the word and sentence level was significantly correlated with speech motor control, but not articulatory proficiency, and the severity of speech motor planning and sequencing issues may potentially be a limiting factor in connected speech intelligibility. Expand
Intrahemispheric reorganization of language in children with medically intractable epilepsy of the left hemisphere
  • D. Kadis, K. Iida, +8 authors M. Smith
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of the International Neuropsychological…
  • 20 March 2007
It is suggested that left hemisphere insult in young children may result in anterior displacement of language within the frontal cortex, possibly reflecting intrahemispheric reorganization. Expand
Auditory cortical activity to different voice onset times in cochlear implant users
The current findings indicate that N1/P2 measures during a passive listening task relate to speech perception outcomes after cochlear implantation. Expand