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Review Article Silicon pools and fluxes in soils and landscapes—a review
Silicon (Si) is the second-most abundant element in the earth's crust. In the pedosphere, however, huge spans of Si contents occur mainly caused by Si redistribution in soil profiles and landscapes.Expand
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Assessing the extraction and quantification of amorphous silica in soils of forest and grassland ecosystems
The objective of this study was to evaluate different methodologies with regard to their ability to extract the amorphous silica (ASi) content of soils from diverse geochemical settings. The methodsExpand
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Si cycling in a forest biogeosystem – the importance of transient state biogenic Si pools
The relevance of biological Si cycling for dissolved silica (DSi) export from terrestrial biogeosystems is still in debate. Even in systems showing a high content of weatherable minerals, likeExpand
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Silicon fractions in Histosols and Gleysols of a temperate grassland site
The importance of silicon (Si) in nutrition is currently being recognized by its beneficial effects on many crops. Therefore, it is important to determine the soil Si status and to examine differentExpand
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Dynamics and drivers of the protozoic Si pool along a 10-year chronosequence of initial ecosystem states
Abstract The size and dynamics of biogenic silicon (BSi) pools influence silicon (Si) fluxes from terrestrial to aquatic ecosystems. The research focus up to now was on the role of plants in SiExpand
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Micromorphology, chemistry, and mineralogy of bog iron ores from Poland
Abstract The influence of different land use history on the chemistry, mineralogy, and micromorphology of bog iron ores was studied in the vicinity of Warsaw, Poland. At three Holocene terraces ofExpand
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How big is the influence of biogenic silicon pools on short-term changes in water-soluble silicon in soils? Implications from a study of a 10-year-old soil–plant system
Abstract. The significance of biogenic silicon (BSi) pools as a key factor for the control of Si fluxes from terrestrial to aquatic ecosystems has been recognized for decades. However, while mostExpand
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Micrometer silicon isotope diagnostics of soils by UV femtosecond laser ablation
This study presents the first Si isotope data of the principle Si pools in soils determined by a UV femtosecond laser ablation system coupled to a multicollector inductively coupled plasma massExpand
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Content and binding forms of heavy metals, aluminium and phosphorus in bog iron ores from Poland.
Bog iron ores are widespread in Polish wetland soils used as meadows or pastures. They are suspected to contain high concentrations of heavy metals, which are precipitated together with Fe along aExpand
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Testate amoebae in 31 mature forest ecosystems--densities and micro-distribution in soils.
We studied testate amoebae and possible correlated abiotic factors in soils of 31 mature forest ecosystems using an easily applicable and spatially explicit method. Simple counting on soilExpand
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